About this Online Magazine

Welcome to the online edition of ARK Times 2020!

For several years we have been sending a hard copy out into the community in August. This year, in addition to the fabulous hard copy magazine, we decided to add an online version to help more people hear, see and learn about what goes on at ARK Centre and what we’re all about.

Through the articles on this microsite you can navigate your way through the happening at ARK Centre over the past 12 months, how we’ve been responding to the immense challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up for all of us as well as find out more about the delicious Kosher catering options available to you. You can see just how generous the community has been via our Pay it Forward imitative and you can learn about different options and avenues you can engage, interact and get involved…even if it is from home.

You can go section by section through from ‘Welcome to ARK Centre’ all the way through to viewing our extraordinary Advertisers. Or look through the menu, hover your mouse over a section and see what drops down. Then simply click on any article that piques your interest or tickles your fancy.

If something really speaks to you, we’ve added Sharing options at the bottom of each article so feel free to share with friends, loved ones or anyone you think might be interested in hearing and seeing a little bit more about an organisation that approaches Orthodox Judaism a little bit differently.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love hearing from those who know us as well as those who are yet to be embraced by the inimitable ARK Centre community.

Lisa Naphtali
General Manager